Architecture & Engineering 

All in one tech solution for demanding projects and complex needs of Management in Architecture.


We are an international team of architects and engineers with different fields of work and specialisations, mainly in Germany and Spain. Our multi-professionalism enables us to realise a wide range of construction projects at a high level.


Collaboration between the parties involved in the project is important in order to deliver high-quality building design through 3D and rendering. We work with BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools to meet the different needs and requirements of our clients.

The entire process ranges from schematic design to detailed and final plans, including construction documentation, scheduling and cost planning using our BIM tools to ensure proper coordination from the virtual project model. In this way we are able to better manage the project with our customers and avoid unnecessary delays.


Sketches, concepts and brainstorming tailored to individual customer requirements


Administrative management of the project, information analysis


Correct visual construction and BIM modeling of the project.

Design that incorporates its environment and takes advantage of the virtual simulation of the model.

We work with BIM tools to schedule calendars and project timing.

We exchange information with all MEP experts on site.

Management of all disciplines involved in the construction project.

Structural solutions that are optimized from an energy, aesthetic, financial and sustainable point of view.  

Access to all project information in real time.

Customers & Cooperation

The best BIM technology for the best projects.
Oficina Windisch Arquitectos/Architekten/Architects - Berlin
Oficina Atelier nm Arquitectos/Architekten/Architects - Berlin
Shahmirzadi, Ingeniería/Ingenieurwesen/Engineering - Berlin
Financial Advisor, Oliver Szöcs - MBA
IDB Arquitectura / Architekten/Architects - Córdoba
Estudio Miguel Angel Raez / Architekten/Architects - Córdoba
Schindler - Ascensores/Aufzüge/Lifts - Alemania
Atefor Ingeniería/ /Ingenieurwesen/Engineering- Málaga
Confidia Treuhandgesellschaft GmbH, Abogados/Lawyers - Berlin
Ingnova Proyectos//Ingenieurwesen/Engineering- Còrdoba
ML Arquitectura y Urbanismo / Architekten/Architects - Córdoba
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